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Madhukari Gujarati Journal invites research articles in Gujarati Language (Shruti/Unicode)

We are reviving our old prestigious bi-annual journal “MADHUKARI” in Gujarati language - (refereed journal with ISSN number). MADHUKARI is a multi-disciplinary academic journal which focuses on promoting interdisciplinary research. It would include various subjects, viz., economics, sociology, education, political science and related areas. It gives prominence to theoretical literature and issues of policy relevance. The Madhukari has in the past disseminated a wide ranging collection of articles that cover social science. Our goal is to bring together social science researchers, academicians, scholars, students, and other professionals of the region and promote their research and ideas regarding development of the region.


MADHUKARI invites submissions of original, empirical and conceptual papers in Gujarati language from applied research and development work with direct relevance to above subjects case studies and book reviews from diverse areas of social sciences. Submission should be clearly indicate title of the paper, author/s, and abstract (150-200 words), along with address for correspondence. The full manuscript, as PDF or MS word file (Shruti/Unicode), should be emailed to the editor. The papers would be subjected to a review process.





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