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Anvesak is a refereed bi-annual journal of the Sardar Patel Institute of Economic & Social Research (S.P.I.E.S.R.) and publishes research work on theoretical and applied economics. The journal also has a book-review section devoted to recent publications on theoretical and applied economics. Original manuscripts for the consideration of the journal, along with the letter of declaration stating that the manuscript is not sent elsewhere, should be addressed to the Editor. Authors are entitled to 5 free reprints and a copy of the issue in which their article appears. A list of articles published since inception is included.

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Anvesak anveesak anveesak
Annual Subscription Rates (including postage)
Indian Sub-continent
Institutions Rs. 400.00
Individuals Rs. 200.00
Other Countries US $ 75
Cheque/DD/MO should be made out to SPIESR, Ahmedabad (for outstation cheque, please add bank commission)

Correspondence relating to contributions should be addressed to Anita Arya at Institute address. Correspondence relating to subscriptions should be sent to the Development Officer at the same address.

Instruction to Authors
Contributions (two copies) should be mailed to Anita Arya. They should be typed in double space and must be accompanied with an abstract (about 100 words) and complete address for communications. Authors are requested to send a copy (MS Word) to anvesak@spiesr.ac.in and CD along with the manuscript.

Figures and tables should be on separate pages only. They should be kept to the minimum and self explanatory. Figures should be drawn with black ink and be in a form for reproduction. Tables should be kept to the minimum and should not exceed the printed page size. A large table could be broken into small table for ease. Reference in the text should appear as follows : "Sen (1973) or may be given as : The analysis reveals Sen (1973)...

Notes in the text should be numbered consecutively and should appear at the end of the text on a separate page.

Reference should be typed on a separate page. They should be arranged alphabetically, putting surname first, followed by personal names or initials.
Monographs :  Sen, A K (1973) On Economic Inequality (Oxford: Clarendon Press )
Collective words :  Barden, P K (1974), “The Pattern of Income Distribution In India: A Review” in Srinivasan, T N and Barden, P K (eds), Poverty and Income Distribution in India, Calcutta : Statistical Publishing Society.
Journals :  Chakravarthy, S (1985) “Methodology and Economics” Journal of Quantitative Economics, Volume 1, No. 1, pp. 1-9
Madhukari is a bi-annual journal, now itís revived with new look from June 2015, and brings out translated and invited papers in Guajarati language. The journal Madhukari published by SPIESR is an important organ for broadcasting findings of empirical research in the broad areas of economics and social sciences. It gives prominence to theoretical literature and issues of policy relevance. The Madhukari has in the past disseminated a wide ranging collection of articles that cover social science.

The journal invites research papers in Gujarati language on the broad theme on various subjects like economics, sociology, political science, education, geography and related areas. Submission should be clearly indicate title of the paper, author/s, and abstract (150-200 words), along with address for correspondence. The full manuscript, as PDF or MS word file, should be emailed to the editor. The papers would be subjected to a review process.

Paper should be submitted to Editor - Dr. Bhupendra Brahmbhatt

Sardar Patel Institute of Economic & Social Research
Thaltej Road, Near Door Darshan Kendra,
Ahmedabad, 380 054
Gujarat, India.

Phone: +91 79 26850598, 26851428
Madhukari Madhukari Madhukari

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